Dorset hotel unveils major redevelopment plans

Knoll House Hotel's revised plans <i>(Image: Knoll House Hotel)</i>
Knoll House Hotel's revised plans (Image: Knoll House Hotel)

A RENOWNED hotel has submitted new proposals for its redevelopment and creation of new accommodation and facilities.

The new proposals come after the previous application for Knoll House Hotel in Studland was refused by Dorset Council Planning Committee in February 2022.

A new design team has been appointed to lead the revised application, which includes key changes such as a reduction in scale and creation of a more biodiversity-conscious and sustainable development.

Donovan Van Staden, General Manager at Knoll House Hotel commented: “We have taken on board all the comments previously raised by our local community and key stakeholders, and carefully revised our plans, coming up with a fresh approach which we consider addresses every concern.

“We are committed to making Knoll House Hotel a thriving destination to be proud of in our local community. Our proposals for its revival are essential to ensure it can continue contributing positively to the local area and economy in the long term.”

According to the applicants the new planning application by Knoll House Hotel follows a landscape-led strategy, with a core focus being integration into the local environment. Key proposed sustainable features include green roofs, tree and native species planting, and carbon neutral timber cladding.

They claim changes to the application also include the removal of the majority of surface car parking to improve the visual impact, with the parking relocated over split levels to create space for new trees and wildlife parking.

A reduction in new accommodation is proposed from 93 to 78 units in total. A 30-bedroom hotel, 22 holiday apartments and 26 holiday villas would be developed in a low-density layout. A new restaurant, bar and on-site spa facilities would also be created if plans are approved.

Donovan Van Staden continued: “We recognise the importance of staying true to our local heritage and surroundings, so our new application follows a landscape-led strategy that complements the area’s unique character.

“Extensive work has been carried out by our design team to identify how we can protect and enhance our local environment. Our new application incorporates more sustainable features while also reducing our overall scale of development, so we can be sympathetic to and work in harmony with our natural surroundings.”

Knoll House Hotel says it has continued to engage with its local community regarding its proposals, with a public exhibition held earlier in October to showcase plans in an open format.