Dorset weather experts give update on 'Beast from the East' reports

Dorset weather experts give update on 'Beast from the East' reports <i>(Image: Newsquest)</i>
Dorset weather experts give update on 'Beast from the East' reports (Image: Newsquest)

BRRR-ACE yourselves. Another cold spell is on the way next week.

Despite reports suggesting a Beast from the East could be on the cards, it looks like we’ll avoid a repeat of the severe weather that ground the country to a halt in 2018.

Temperatures are set to drop to around 5C or 6C degrees at their highest and minus 3C or minus 4C at their lowest.

No snow is forecast, but temperatures will be below average, Dorset weather enthusiasts have said.

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Dorset Snow said: “No snow, just below average temperatures and some frost by night. Likely to be a very dry spell of weather.

“Highs 6-7C and lows down to -3/-4C.”

UK Extreme Weather said: “At the moment we are not looking at any Beast from the East that some have alluded to.

“Some frosty nights followed by daytime temperatures of 5/6c looks the form horse, which is around average for February and we should see some decent sunshine.”

Bournemouth & Poole Weather said: "In the past three to four days there’s been a lot of uncertainty with how the computer models have dealt with the evolution of the current pattern and the area of high pressure affecting the UK.

"At one end of the possibilities some of the output was showing some extreme cold affecting the UK for time, however this possible outcome was always at best unlikely but due to extreme nature but attracted more attention on social media than it probably deserved."

"This morning any hint of cold and snow have been almost completely removed from the forecast and I think we are likely to see a continuation of the weather we currently have, generally dry, quiet with some some light overnight frost and daytime temperatures just either side of average at 7-10C."