Doting Spotted Hyena Mom Totes Cub Around South Australian Safari Park

An adorable spotted hyena cub was born in Monarto Safari Park in South Australia at the end of August, Zoos SA said.

Zoos SA said the cub was born to 14-year-old mom Forest and 19-year-old dad Gamba. It said spotted hyena cubs are born with a black or brown coat, a full set of teeth, and their eyes open. It explained it is “notoriously difficult” to tell the sex of a spotted hyena.

Zoos SA released footage of the cub in the safari park.

Assistant Curator of Ungulates and Carnivores Jon Allon said keepers have gotten a few glimpses of the cub. “Forest has brought her cub out of the den a few times, so we’ve been able to see the little one and monitor how both the cub and mum are doing,” he said. Credit: Zoos SA via Storyful

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