Dougie Poynter and Ellie Goulding Leave The GQ Awards TOGETHER

Last night it was revealed that Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston called time on their whirlwind romance, but there was better news elsewhere in celeb-ville…

Former flames Ellie Goulding and Dougie Poynter caused a stir and set tongues wagging - again - that they’re on the road to recovery and this is a couple that we really want to see getting back together.


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Don’t be fooled by their stern expressions snapped by the papparzi (above) as they walked onto the red carpet. To be fair, as the GQ Men of the Year Awards kicked off in London, there were no sparks of romance as the 28-year-old bassist and the Burn singer, 29, entered the Tate Modern separately and Ellie was sat beside another, rather hunky, ex boyfriend in the form of Calvin Harris.

Then Dougie and Ellie were spotted being the LAST to leave the banquet hall, having waited around for each other, and Dougie gave the blonde beauty a kiss on the cheek.

Speaking about the pair, pictured below at the star-studded ceremony, a source told The Sun Online: “Ellie and Dougie were hanging out in the ceremony area after it had finished and most people had left. Dougie was being very attentive and lent in to hug his ex and kiss her on the cheek before they headed towards the exit together.


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The source added: “They walked separately but were very friendly and amicable with each other.”

Last month, the on/off couple linked up after V Festival and in July, the ‘good friends’ attended a documentary screening together.

Since their split, they’ve been vocal about their lasting close bond, with Ellie even going as far as to say she felt their relationship was “unfinished”. She also hinted that she hoped they could work things out.

She said: “I hope so. We have something I know is special and I think other people see it - my friends see it; my family see it … But Think some things are just kind of unfinished, an unfinished story. I hope so - he’s a real gem and he’s doing so well and he’s keeping busy, as am I. I hope so, he’s a great guy.”