Douglas Ross should stand down now and let constituents be represented by someone who wants the job

Douglas Ross should stand down as an MSP immediately.

The chancer clearly wants the best of both worlds and has plunged his party’s campaign into chaos as a result.

He has hopped between his multiple jobs for years, not committing himself or doing any of them properly.

Ross should decide which one he wants to do – be it Holyrood or Westminster – and stick to it.

It is an outrage for him to try to become MP for Aberdeenshire North and Moray East and use his cushy Highlands and Islands list seat at the Scottish Parliament as a back-up plan.

This is an absolute insult to the people he represents.

They deserve to have an MSP who is fully committed to the area and the parliament that they sit in.

How can the public be expected to trust a man who is clearly in politics for his own gain and not to make a difference?

Ross stabbed his own colleague in the back so he could find a way back to Westminster. He didn’t care that David Duguid was in hospital recovering from a spinal injury.

Ross has clearly demonstrated that he has no proper interest in being an MSP and would prefer to be in the House of Commons.

So he should step aside now and let his constituents be represented by someone who wants to do the job.

When July 4 comes, voters in Aberdeen North and Moray East should do the right thing and reject him as their MP.

If and when they do, he shouldn’t be able to sneak back to Holyrood as a cushy little reward for his self-serving behaviour.


Campaigners are right – we urgently need an injection of cash to tackle the plague of youth violence on our streets.

The harrowing death of 16-year-old Kory McCrimmon in Glasgow last
week must be the final wake-up call for politicians.

As the Record’s Our Kids … Our Future campaign has urged time and time again, we desperately need to invest in new safe spaces for our teenagers that can get them off the streets.

Parents whose kids have been subject to brutal assaults are emphatic that the current spending of £2million a year on this crisis is barely scratching the surface.

Most tragic of all, they spent many months warning that if stronger action wasn’t taken, a child would inevitably lose their life in this epidemic of violence.

This issue simply has not been treated seriously enough, nor given the resources required, by the Scottish Government.

For the sake of our kids, that must change immediately.

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