Downing Street admits Boris Johnson oversaw 'nasty, misogynist culture'

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Boris Johnson pitured during a lockdown-breaking party at Downing Street
Boris Johnson pitured during a lockdown-breaking party at Downing Street

DOWNING Street has admitted Boris Johnson oversaw a “nasty, misogynist culture” under his leadership.

No 10 has also insisted that the outgoing Prime Minister has "carried the can for the bad behaviour of others" over the partygate scandal that saw Mr Johnson and Rishi Sunak hit with fixed penalty notices by the police.

An ITV documentary exposing fresh revelations about Mr Johnson’s leadership will reveal that Downing Street blamed former aides for the culture at No 10.

A No 10 spokesperson said: "Previous aides who have devoted their lives to bringing down the PM did indeed preside over a nasty, misogynist culture.

"Downing Street has been a much better place without them."

In Tonight: Boris Johnson: The Rise & Fall, a source who worked in No 10 claims that Mr Johnson's arrival in Downing Street brought with it "a very masculine know, lads down the pub."

They added: "If you were a female in that sort of zone, it's actually quite uncomfortable to work in."

Responding, Downing Street also told the programme: "The vast majority of the Press office are women, roughly half the private office and indeed most of the main teams in No10."

ITV Tonight has approached former aides of the Prime Minister for comment. The source, who worked closely with the Prime Minister for a number of years, also claimed that Mr Johnson "was completely disorganised” adding that “he would never read his notes".

He added: "First thing in the morning Boris Johnson would turn up two hours late.

“His hair would be wet. He'd have like his zip undone or his shirt hanging out.

“He'd be just a complete mess all the time."

Speaking anonymously, the former staffer told Tonight there "were way more" parties inside No 10 during lockdown than were revealed during the partygate scandal.

He said: "I think the Prime Minister himself had a few more than what has been reported, privately in his flat as well."

In response to the programme, No 10 told ITV: "The Metropolitan police carried out a thorough investigation into parties at No10 issuing the PM with only one FPN.

“He has, to a large extent therefore, carried the can for the bad behaviour of others - including some of his most fierce and shameless opponents."