Downpatrick motorist's lucky escape after car windscreen impaled by plank of wood

Motorists in Northern Ireland have been urged to take extra care on wet roads tonight after the PSNI shared images of one driver's lucky escape.

Police Newry, Mourne and Down posted two pictures on Sunday evening, June 9, of a vehicle that was involved in an accident some time on Sunday afternoon. The stark images showed what looked like a 4x2 plank of wood measuring around 4ft long impaled in the car windscreen and out the driver's side window.

The airbags had been deployed and it looks like the plank narrowly missed the driver and passengers. Driving conditions across Northern Ireland have been challenging this weekend with roads greasy from the rain. The incident took place in Downpatrick, Co Down.

The second image showed the smashed up front of the vehicle with the wood sticking out. In the post Police Newry, Mourne and Down said: "We attended this collision just outside Downpatrick this afternoon. The occupants of the car were lucky to escape with minor injuries.

"The roads are wet today - Please take care when you are driving about."

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