Dozens Detained in Hong Kong as Police and Protesters Clash

Police in Hong Kong arrested dozens of people and used tear gas and pepper spray to disperse crowds on May 24 as thousands gathered to protest China’s proposed national security law.

Police said on Facebook that they had arrested 120 protesters by 4:30 pm and four media liaison officers were injured as protesters threw bricks at police in Causeway Bay.

This video, posted to Twitter by Teele Rebane, a freelance journalist, shows a group of people lined up against a wall outside Sogo department store.

“Seeing a potential first round of mass arrests as a group of people get lined up against the wall of Sogo, with press violently pushed out,” Rebane wrote.

Police and protesters clashed as crowds gathered to oppose China’s proposed national security law, which activists described as the “end of Hong Kong”.

The South China Morning Post reported the new law, if passed, would require Hong Kong to set up new institutions to safeguard sovereignty and allow agencies from mainland China to operate in the city as needed. Credit: Teele Rebane via Storyful