Dozens of Dolphins Put on Energetic Display Off Irish Coast

A playful pod of bottlenose dolphins put on an energetic display off west Cork in Ireland on August 15.

Footage by Flor MacCarthy shows what she described as “dozens” of dolphins breaching and frolicking alongside the boat she was on with her family.

MacCarthy said that the scene was filmed on Sunday afternoon “between the famous Baltimore Beacon and the lighthouse on Sherkin Island.”

“My husband and our teenage son texted to say there were dozens of dolphins putting on a show, so I grabbed my life jacket (and the dog!) and they picked me up,” MacCarthy told Storyful.

“Within minutes we were surrounded by dozens of bottlenose dolphins, putting on a spectacle, playing with the boats in what sometimes seemed to us like a choreographed end-of-summer-spectacle,” she said. Credit: Flor MacCarthy via Storyful

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