Dozens feared dead after landslide at Ethiopian rubbish dump

Dozens of people are feared dead in Ethiopia following a large landslide at a vast rubbish dump near Addis Ababa.

So far, officials have confirmed at least 15 dead, but many more are still missing.

A number of makeshift homes surrounding the landfill are said to have been completely buried by waste.

It is thought that tipping at the site – a rubbish dump for the Ethiopian capital for nearly 50 years – had resumed in recent months, having previously been stopped.

Assefa Teklemahimanot, a local resident said: “We told them not to dump waste at the top. I think the decision by city officials to resume dumping some months back was the main reason for this accident, which has so far buried at least 20 houses. I think around 150 people were here at the time of the landslide.”

Officials say nearly 40 people rescued have been receiving medical treatment.

Those near the site at the time of the landslide -including a number of children – are thought to have been scavenging for items to sell, while others lived in mud huts close by.