Dozens of SpaceX Starlink satellites seen in night sky over Switzerland

No, they're not UFOs.

Video filmed on Saturday (January 18) by a stargazer in Switzerland shows a moving convoy of bright lights evenly spaced out in the night sky.

But there's a straightforward explanation for the unusual sighting: the shiny objects are satellites from Elon Musk-backed SpaceX company.

SpaceX's Starlink mission aims to improve internet connectivity via a constellation of satellites.

"Dozens of Starlink sats just flew across my sky ... wow...." the filmer wrote online.

He later told Newsflare: "Spectacular view of dozens of satellites flying across the sky, in a line, as seen from Vétroz, Valais in southwestern Switzerland. They are from the SpaceX Starlink project, from their third launch, January 6."

The Starlink mission is not without controversy. Some astronomers fear the objects will interfere with their observations of the cosmos.