Dr Alex George invests time in himself

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Dr. Alex George thinks it is important to "invest" in himself.

The 'Love Island' star believes it's vital to take the time for self-care in order to help with his mental health and insisted the "little things" that make up a daily routine - such as finding the time to go outside or to have a bath in the evening - are essential.

He told MailOnline: "I focus on trying to do the little things. This morning I didn't get a chance to [go outside]. I noticed it doesn't get my day in the right rhythm and I didn't feel as good. I don't feel as clear or as calm.

"If I didn't invest in myself I would feel so much worse."

And although it is World Mental Health day on Sunday (10.10.21), Alex insisted it's a subject that needs to be considered every day.

He said: "Mental health isn't just for one day, it's for every day.

"I think World Mental Health Day is an opportunity for everyone to stop and use it as a marker to reflect on what they're doing for their own mental health whilst supporting others."

The 30-year-old medic recently paid a visit to CHD Living care home in Kingston, Surrey, as part of a new campaign with KIND Snacks entitled Ment-ALL health, which aims to encourage cross generational conversations, and inspire people to provide support to others.

He said: "'We wanted to raise awareness around old generations in particular - and the idea of mental health being for everyone, regardless of demographic.

"When we spoke about taking care of yourself and your health, the suggestions about nature, being outside, art, creativity… the link wasn't always drawn between the benefit for our bodies - and for our minds.

"Old generations have grown up in a time where mental health was viewed very differently."

Alex's visit came after KIND Snacks' research found 31% of people over 60 believe that mental health actually refers to a mental illness, and one in five saying they would describe someone with mental health struggles as ‘disturbed’.

KIND Snacks will also be donating 5p per bar sold in WHSmith’s during October to CALM, with WHSmith’s matching the donation.

Dr Alex George credit:Bang Showbiz
Dr Alex George credit:Bang Showbiz
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