Dr Alex George talks about his unlikely appearance on OnlyFans

A&E Doctor, reality TV star and author Dr Alex George joins Kate to talk about his unexpected presence on OnlyFans.

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Video transcript

- As well as the youth mental health ambassador role for the government. You've also started to take your mental health awareness campaign to OnlyFans. And I love this about you, Alex. You turn up where you're least expected.

- The whole reason we were interested about that space is that so many people that maybe are on there as consumers or people that are actually creating content, they can be struggling with their mental health too. And, actually, I mean, OnlyFans is used for lots of different reasons, but I guess the high profile stuff is whether people are showing modeling pictures, they talk about porn and things on there. Porn addiction can be a really big thing.

So I wanted to take mental health to the space that people are in. So mental health support should be wherever people are. And there isn't really any support on there. So that was why I wanted to create content. Obviously, the content I was making was free to access, et cetera, et cetera. But, yeah, you're right, people don't expect it.