Dr Michael Mosley 'fainting' theory emerges as deadline set on search

Greek officials have set a deadline for the search for missing ITV doctor Michael Mosley. Mayor Eleftherios Papakalodoukas, of the Greek island Symi where Dr Mosley went missing, suggested that the This Morning star could have fainted due to the region's current heatwave.

The 67 year old disappeared during a hike from St Nicholas Beach to nearby Pedi Beach. He departed around 1.30pm yesterday and his wife, Dr Clare Bailey, 62, alerted police when he didn't return by 7.30pm.

The mayor highlighted that Dr Mosley's trail would have been perilous as temperatures soared to 35C yesterday. If he hadn't been carrying water, the risk of dehydration and fainting would have been significantly higher.

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He also noted that the route is plagued by "very high cliffs" and rocky terrain. The search operation will continue for another five days, after which they may need to halt efforts unless they receive additional support from Greece or the UK, he told LBC.

Earlier, the mayor mentioned that witnesses reported seeing the doctor conversing with locals in town following his coastal walk. Currently, helicopters, drones, dogs and several emergency responders are scouring the area of the Dodecanese Island where he was last spotted.

Local police released a statement, translated from Greek, stating they were notified about the "disappearance of the 67-year-old British national on the island" on Wednesday.

An "investigation" has been launched to locate him, with a search being conducted by the Fire Brigade with the assistance of forces from the Hellenic Police, Civil Protection (a local and regional coordination agency), volunteers and a police dog. Technical means such as drones are also being utilised in the search.

It is understood that Dr Mosley's wife, Dr Clare Bailey, 62, alerted emergency services after her husband disappeared during a coastal walk on Wednesday in the area of St Nicholas Beach.