Dr Michael Mosley police call in fire crews from nearby islands as concern grows

Drones are searching for Michael Mosley with the doctor being hunted ona Greek island following his disappearance today. The ITV, Channel 4 and BBC doctor vanished while on a walk during a holiday with his beloved wife this week.

Fire services said they were asked by police on Thursday at about 11.15am to help the search. Six firefighters, a vehicle and a drone team were sent from the nearby island of Rhodes to help, arriving in Symi at about 2pm.

The Mayor of the island has shared details of what happened immediately after he vanished. Eleftherios Papakalodoukas, the mayor of the island, explained: "He came back from the beach, some people saw him but then his tracks were lost."

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Drones and police are searching for the healthcare expert and medical professional too. A search and rescue operation is under way in Symi, one of the Dodecanese Islands, for Mosley, known for his appearances on The One Show and This Morning, and fronting of documentaries.

A statement from police, which has been translated, said they were informed about the "disappearance of the 67-year-old British national on the island" on Wednesday. It opened an "investigation" to find him and a search is being "carried out by the Fire Brigade with the assistance of forces of the Hellenic Police, Civil Protection (a local and regional coordination agency), volunteers and a police dog, while technical means such as drones are also used to locate the missing person".

Mosley has four children with his wife Clare Bailey Mosley, also a doctor, author and health columnist, who wrote the recipe book Fast 800 Easy. The medical professional couple, who have hosted theatre show tours together, recently attended the Hay Festival, where Mosley presented a special edition of his Radio 4 series and podcast Just One Thing.