Dr Michael Mosley 'walking very determinedly' in CCTV as mayor sets out 'troubling questions'

Volunteers in Symi, Greece, where a search and rescue operation is under way for TV doctor and columnist Michael Mosley
-Credit: (Image: PA)

The mayor of the Greek island where Dr Michael Mosley has been missing for days has spoken of 'many troubling questions' over his disappearance. The TV doctor, who regularly featured on ITV show This Morning, went missing on the small island on Wednesday.

It was at first feared he may have fallen from a coastal path after leaving his wife and friends on a beach, walking off without his mobile phone. But later CCTV showed him walking through the town of Pedi.

Now more CCTV suggests he continued to walk onwards towards Agia Marina, with the mayor worried if he had taken the route. Mayor Eleftherios Papakaloudoukas said: "We know he came through Pedi and then walked onwards towards Agia Marina - it is about two miles and a harder walk than from St Nicholas. If he did try and walk that way to Symi then that is a big mistake.”

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He continued: “There are also many troubling questions here. Why did he leave the beach and his wife and friends? Why did he not take his telephone? From the CCTV footage it’s also clear he didn’t stop for a drink in Pedi or take a rest.

“He seemed to be walking very determinedly, surely it would have been better to stop and have a coffee or some water but no he decided to carry on.”

A thermal-imaging helicopter is said to be being brought into the search this evening.