Dr. Phil on why people should get vaccinated: ‘It’s more than about you’

Dr. Phil McGraw gave his thoughts on the current vaccine debate happening in the U.S. on The Late Late Show with James Corden Thursday. The talk show host, who is heading into the 20th season of his show next week, said you just gotta look at the numbers.

“When you look that 90 percent of the people that are dying are not vaccinated, do the math, this isn't hard,” he said. “This is not chess, it's checkers. This is easy to figure out.”

And while the number of Americans getting vaccinated is finally on the rise, Dr. Phil says he still deals with plenty of families where some members still refuse to get the vaccine. So he gave some insight on what he has been saying in those situations.

“I just try and say to people, ‘Look, it's more than about you. Maybe you get the vaccine for other people and not for yourself. You get it so you don't make other people ill,” Dr. Phil said. “But I do support getting the vaccination. I've gotten the vaccination. I support everybody getting the vaccination. And I hope people do.”

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