Dr Ranj is the biggest surprise of 'Strictly Come Dancing' week one

Katie Archer
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    I thought it was a bit unfair to make Anton and Suzanna a comedy item. But I loved getting my 'Strictly' fix.
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    Kiss isn’t a Tom Jones song it’s a Prince song get your facts right
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    I don't have Twitter. I don't want Twitter. So why does Yahoo feel obliged to keep bringing it to me?
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    Bacon Sarnie Brigade
    Is Dr Ranj miming a 5 knuckle shuffle in that picture? Gives a whole new meaning to the title of the show I reckon.
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    Glad I chose not to watch it for the second year and wondered what on earth made me watch for the other,, err.... whatever many years! Had to read the comments though, at least some have got du bec right from my memory of his latin, or non latin.. Replace him with wotsisname from New Zealand who got kicked off and put some recognisable talented celebs on and I might watch it again... maybe.
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    I've seen better..
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    Sheila Margaret
    Some one needs to confiscate AJs hair spray his hair just gets worse and worse
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    Another tedious program is back!!!!
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    Anton needs to quit humiliating his partner and actually try something new for once - like teaching them to dance. They deserve a fair shot and not to be humiliated. His poor partners.
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    Oh god three months of this shyte again.