‘Drag Race’ alum Stacy Layne Matthews shares health update after terrifying hospitalization incident

‘Drag Race’ alum Stacy Layne Matthews posts health update after terrifying hospitalization incident
‘Drag Race’ alum Stacy Layne Matthews posts health update after terrifying hospitalization incident

Longtime RuPaul’s Drag Race fans know and love Stacy Layne Matthews. Matthews placed eighth overall in the third season of Drag Race and popularized the term “Henny,” which went on to become an affectionate nickname for the queen.

She’s continued to make a name for herself after her time on the show, and although she’s never come back to compete again in All Stars (yet), a recent health scare may, unfortunately, set her back a bit.

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On her way to a show in Flagstaff, Arizona, Matthews told Entertainment Weekly that she’d had some issues with her back and that she didn’t know what, exactly, happened.

“I started having issues with the mobility in my legs,” she said. “When I got off the plane at Flagstaff, I literally lost control of my legs.”

Conducting the interview from the hospital bed with a breathing tube connected, Matthews said that a CT scan showed she has spinal stenosis, which occurs when the space within the backbone is too small. This can put pressure on the spinal cord and nerves connected through the spine that impact the lower back and neck.

The stenosis impacted the movement in Matthews' legs, and the incident caused her to cancel the show in Flagstaff.


Matthews has posted a number of follow-up videos on her Instagram account, detailing the issues she had with insurance covering the cost and her desire to get back home.

“I promise I won’t ask for anyone’s help again,” she wrote in the caption of one of the first videos. “After all this I will continue to suffer in silence. I can’t handle anymore the negative comments. If you want to help… That would be great. If you can’t just pray for me. I’m just tired and don’t want to be here.”


As of June 23, 2024, her requests have at least gotten her home, according to her most recent Instagram update where she notes she was ready to “give up” because she “never knew what it was like to not be able to use your legs to get around but this week I have experienced it.”


Now that she’s home, she planning on heading into physical therapy and is grateful for all of the donations and support she’s received so far, and also said she was happy to see the haters head out the door if they don’t want to keep up with her struggle.

However, the support has meant more than anything to her, and Matthews tells PRIDE, "I want to thank everyone for all their well wishes. It has been a very difficult few years but I have every intention on getting back to what I love and living up to my full potential. I couldn't have made it through this if it wasn't for those people who believe in me. My family and my followers are all amazing, thank you for believing in me and sticking with me through this hard time. I love you HENNY!"

For those who would like to help her with her continued journey to healing, you can do so at the following handles:

CASHAPP: $stacylayne2018

Venmo: @stacylaynematthews

PayPal: bookstacylaynematthews@gmail.com