'Drag Race France' star Kitty Space comes out as trans

Kitty Space
Kitty Space

Any day where someone feels free to share with the world the truth of who they are is une bonne journée! Today was a great day for Drag Race France star Kitty Space who took to Instagram to share with the world that she is trans.

“My name is Kiara,” she began in the caption. “I'm so happy to come out as trans. It was hard, hard to hide but today I want to live free, to be happy by being myself. What I am deep inside: a woman.”

She went on to explain the questions that she had been asking herself in the lead-up to coming out. “Living hidden while being unhappy? Where to live free and fulfilled? The question has been asked at length. Protect my loved ones who would take it badly or protect myself?”


Ultimately there was only one answer for Kiara and that was to live her truth openly and proudly. “I chose to protect myself. Also, protect those who hide and who do not dare. Let's live free. It’s our body, our gender, our choices."

She also expressed gratitude for all her friends and family who have been there for her including her fellow Drag Race France star Moon. “Thank you especially to you my sister for being there, @moondragqueen it is thanks to you and your strength that I took the plunge.”

Kitty Space first joined the Drag Race universe in season two of Drag Race France where she took 9th place.