Drag Race UK star Blu Hydrangea on getting married: “There's still equality to fight for in Northern Ireland”

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Watch: RuPaul’s Drag Race UK queen Blu Hydrangea talks about getting married to her boyfriend of six years

While appearing on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK last year, Blu Hydrangea said she wouldn’t get married to her boyfriend until Northern Ireland legalised gay marriages.

Same sex marriages were finally made legal in Northern Ireland in January of this year with the first wedding taking place in February. Talking on the latest episode of Reality Check, Hydrangea said that for her and Johnson, her boyfriend of six years, there’s still a way to go.

“Me and Johnson actually said we are not going to get engaged until marriage equality is legal in Northern Ireland - and it is,” she said.

“There's still some things that have to go through, like if you have a civil partnership at the moment it can't just be transferred into wedding. There's still equality to fight for in Northern Ireland.”

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Hydrangea’s fellow Reality Check agony queen Vinegar Strokes said she’s so glad that things have finally moved on.

“Isn't it amazing that finally we've got some equality going on in the country? I think it's incredible that the world's moving on,” she said, before asking Hydrangea that all-important question: “So, when is the wedding”

Baga Chipz, the third of the Reality Check ‘dragony’ aunts, asked if she would be bridesmaid and then admitted that she would only get engaged if the proposal came with a big diamond ring!

“If you can't get me at least 2.5 carat - it's not happening!” she laughed.

“It shows they've made an effort - you know what I mean? We are celebrities and… if that was in the paper and I had a little thing from Argos on, well...”

Thankfully Hydrangea isn’t as motivated by dramatic jewels, saying she would be purely happy with the sentiment of something smaller, but admitted there was another reason why the couple weren’t heading off down the aisle just yet.

“We're just holding off because I just want to be dramatic,” she exclaimed.

Blu Hydrangea can't wait to have a big wedding when she marries boyfriend Johnson (Image: Getty)
Blu Hydrangea can't wait to have a big wedding when she marries boyfriend Johnson (Image: Getty)

“And I want a big Hello! Magazine wedding - and I want you all to be invited - so I need to save up some bucks!”

Strokes admitted that she’d never been to a gay wedding so wondered what the difference was.

Hydrangea replied: “It’s camp!”

She continued: “I think it means so much, because it's something that we've worked hard for - for a long time - whereas a lot of people take it for granted. It's just a piece of paper that they can throw away whenever they want - but for us it's something that really means a lot.”

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