'Drag Race's Violet Chachki: 'There are maybe too many drag queens'

Violet Chachki
Violet Chachki

Not too much.

We can always count on RuPaul’s Drag Race season 7 winner Violet Chachki to speak her mind whenever she wants to say something. And that, she still does!

“I went to a Catholic school, and I was always told that I had to wear a uniform… ‘you can’t wear’ this or that,” Violet told France 24 during an interview. “Drag was always rebellious, always punk.”

She added, “When I started drag 12 years ago, it was really underground. It was not a career you would want. There are maybe too many drag queens at this point. Now it’s become a career path, it’s become over-saturated and homogenized. You can see lots of people ripping off.”

When asked about the increase of LGBTQ+ visibility in the media, Chachki thinks that there’s a very positive side to it. “If people can get pleasure, enjoyment, escapism, therapy, confidence... these are all tools that can help you navigate life. Life was very difficult for me until I found drag.”

On the other hand, the Drag Race winner also commented on the conservative backlash that drag artists and trans people are currently facing. “There’s always going to be resistance,” she said. “But a famous drag queen told me, early on, [that] if you don’t have any haters, you’re doing something wrong.”

Even nearly 10 years since she was crowned by Mama Ru, Violet Chachki continues to bring a refreshing perspective and voice to the art form of drag and the general discourse surrounding queer artists. We have to stan!