Drag show forced to halt by ‘transphobic heckling pig’ in front row: ‘Get to absolute f**k’

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The drag musical murder mystery Death Drop was forced to halt during a performance in Manchester this month after a “transphobic incident” took place in the front row.

Last Saturday (October 16) marked the last night of the show’s four-day run at The Lowry Theatre, Manchester, as part of its UK-wide tour after finding huge success at the Garrick Theatre on London’s West End.

Sadly the “Dragatha Christie murder mystery” was interrupted when one audience member was “transphobic” to another person in the front row.

The Death Drop Twitter account shared the next day: “There was an incident of transphobia that happened to one of our patrons in Salford.

Our company, creative team and crew is made up of trans, non-binary, queer, LGBT+ people, we will not tolerate any bigoted behaviour whatsoever, your money is not welcome on Tuck Island.”

Holly Stars, who wrote and stars in the drag spectacular, added: “To the transphobic heckling pig from the front row: GET TO ABSOLUTE F**K.”

Later, Death Drop followed up with a “PSA”.

“Yes, we’re a drag show,” the show wrote on Twitter.

“Yes we’re a lot of fun. Yes, have a drink and enjoy yourself.

“Yes you absolutely WILL get kicked out if you think it’s acceptable to shout, heckle, interrupt the show, and be an arse.

“Death Drop is a play, it’s darn funny, and the incredible drag cast have worked, and continue to work, very hard…. Come along, sit back, and enjoy!

Don’t be, in the words of Holly Stars, a d**k head.”

A spokesperson for the theatre told Manchester Evening News: “We’re aware of an incident between two groups of patrons at a performance of Death Drop over the weekend.

“Although we received no direct complaint on the night, our security team did act to remove one of the groups involved from the building as The Lowry has a zero-tolerance policy towards abusive behaviour of any kind.”

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