Drake called ‘creepy’ after saying he tried to AirDrop an unsuspecting woman a photo of herself

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Drake is facing backlash on social media after sharing his attempt to AirDrop a woman who he thought was “a dime” a photo of herself.

The rapper, who is currently in St Tropez, shared an Instagram Story of a woman on her phone at a restaurant Thursday (21 July) with the caption: “Tried to AirDrop this woman a pic of herself cause she’s a dime.” He also added a shrugging and a crying-with-laughter emoji.

People quickly called Drake out on social media for sharing the photo of an unassuming woman without her permission and for attempting to send her a photo of herself without speaking to her.

“Drake being famous doesn’t make this any less creepy,” one person wrote on Twitter alongside the photo.

“Taking a photo of someone without their knowledge to then AirDrop to them to flirt is creepy. Don’t let Drake lead you into a restraining order,” wrote another.

A screenshot of the Story was also posted on a Reddit forum, with the user writing: “I haven’t seen anyone talking about this, this is so unbelievably creepy (Drake posted this on his IG story).”

The Independent has blurred the woman’s face in Drake’s post for her privacy (Champagnepapi/Instagram/The Independent)
The Independent has blurred the woman’s face in Drake’s post for her privacy (Champagnepapi/Instagram/The Independent)

“Yes she’s beautiful but he could have kept that to himself or been a normal person and struck up a conversation instead of posting this to his Instagram where he has MILLIONS of followers who are now gonna chime in on their opinion of her,” one person responded. “If that were me I would not be ok with that, regardless of the fact that it’s a ‘compliment.’”


Another pointed out that sharing the photo opened up discussion about the woman’s looks due to the scale of Drake’s following. The artist has 117 million followers on Instagram.

“Imagine all of a sudden an unsuspecting picture of you is on the internet and thousands are telling you you are unattractive, it should be illegal.”


Representatives for Drake did not immediately respond to The Independent’s request for comment.

During his holiday in St Tropez, Drake went viral after he was filmed being swarmed by bees at a restaurant.

In the clip, Drake can be seen flinching and ducking as two men on either side of him swat and grab at the bees.

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