Dramatic aerial footage shows scale of flood devastation in Pakistan

Pakistan health authorities have expressed concern about the risk of water-born diseases spreading in flood-ravaged areas.With large swathes of the country covered in murky flood waters, the death toll surged past 1,200 on Friday.The United Nations and Pakistan have jointly issued an appeal for 160 million US dollars in emergency funding to help the 3.3 million people affected by the floods.More than one million homes have been damaged, and the devastation is believed to have caused 10 billion dollars in damage so far.Planes carrying fresh supplies have been surging across a humanitarian air bridge to Pakistan's capital.So far, Pakistan has received aid from China, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Uzbekistan, the United Arab Emirates and some other countries.The US military is to send an assessment team to Islamabad to see what support it can provide.The United States announced 30 million dollars worth of aid for the flood victims earlier this week.