Dramatic Aerial Police Footage Shows High Speed Car Chase on Gold Coast

A man was arrested on June 12 after he stole a car and was tracked and pursued by a police helicopter in a reckless, high-speed chase across the Gold Coast.

A police release said the stolen car was first spotted when it went through a stationary speed camera site near Oxenford. A PolAir helicopter then tracked the vehicle as it drove at high speeds through red lights through a number of suburbs.

A pursuit was authorised and a number of stingers were deployed. The car continued to drive on its four rims, sending sparks flying, before eventually coming to a stop on Brisbane Road in Arundel. The man can be seen escaping from the car on foot into some bushland, where a police dog tracked him down and bit him on the groin.

The man was taken to Gold Coast University Hospital and is being held there under guard. Credit: Queensland Police via Storyful