Dramatic moment driver crashes into van after jumping light in south London

Sean Morrison

This is the dramatic moment a car collides with a van after skipping a red light in south-east London.

The shocking footage shows the reckless Nissan driver failing to stop before a transit van ploughs into it at a junction in Sydenham.

Dash-cam images of the smash, which emerged this week, proved that the Ford Transit driver had rightly waited before the light turned green before pulling out.

The driver of the black Nissan initially denied all responsibility for the crash in September last year, and submitted claims personal injury claims for the three people in the vehicle.

Crash: This footage was disclosed to the Nissan driver's insurera and they and withdrew their claim (VisionTrack)

But immediately after the collision, the footage was sent to the Ford driver’s insurer via the dash-cam.

After receiving the footage, the Nissan driver’s insurers admitted full liability for the incident and withdrew its claim.

The dash-cam images enabled the insurers to make an instant judgement on liability and process the claim quickly, in-car CCTV company VisionTrack said.

Simon Marsh, its managing director, said: "We've never had more traffic lights on Britain's roads and we have never had more drivers jumping red lights.

"Without the footage showing clearly the Transit had gone through a green light there is every chance that the case would have been resolved without either side admitting liability.”