Dramatic police chase to catch suspected meth dealer in Thailand

Dramatic helmet camera footage shows a police chase with a suspected meth dealer in Thailand. The motorcycle rider sparked concern when he evaded a police checkpoint and sped away on his two-wheeler in Songkhla province, on July 8. One of the officers then pursued the man who was apparently not wearing a helmet in a police chase until he ditched his motorbike and tried swimming to freedom across a dirty lake. However, the man’s dramatic escape plan failed after the police borrowed a boat from a local villager to chase after him before he was arrested. A police spokesman said: ‘After chasing the 31-year-old suspect for several miles, he left his vehicle behind an old gas station and jumped into a lake in an attempt to escape. ‘Officers were able to catch him once they had a boat. We’re grateful that one of the residents had one nearby and were willing to help.’ The spokesman added they found methamphetamine pills from the man hidden in a plastic syringe. Traces of drugs were also allegedly found in the man’s body after a urine test. The suspect, who has not been named, was charged with disobeying an officer’s order without reasonable causes or excuse, driving without considering the safety or suffering of others which may cause harm to persons or property of others, possession of narcotics, consuming and driving a Class A drug, and driving without a driver’s license. Investigations on the incident are ongoing while the man was remanded in custody.