Dramatic rescue of boy trapped behind air-conditioning unit

A toddler was rescued by his neighbours after he fell from a balcony and became wedged between a wall and the building’s air-conditioning unit.

The terrifying incident happened in Beijing, China, on Wednesday as the anonymous three-year-old boy was reportedly left home alone by his parents.

After plunging from the 8th floor balcony of the tall apartment complex, an air-conditioning unit fixed on the wall of the 7th floor building miraculously broke his fall.

Nearby residents were alerted to the child’s screams and found him stuck behind the unit with his legs.

According to reports, police were called but time was against them as the tiny boy started slipping through the gap.

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In the amazing photos, two brave residents known as Wang and Zhou are seen pairing up to free the boy just in time.

One of the rescuers - a grocery shop worker – risks his life to climb over the balcony railings while being held on by another rescuer.

After attempting to grab the boy, he was finally plucked to safety. In the last photo, he is held up by his saviours to celebrate the dramatic rescue.

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