Dramatic rescue as person swept out to sea after trying to rescue dogs

Both the dogs and humans were able to rescue themselves from the sea
-Credit: (Image: Liverpool Echo)

A person was swept 400m out to sea after trying to rescue some dogs from the water in Devon. Emergency services were scrambled to the mouth of the River Otter where a member of the public entered the water to in a bid to rescue some dogs which had gotten into difficulty.

Exmouth Coastguard Rescue Team attended the incident earlier this morning (Sunday, July 7) with Beer Coastguard, RNLI Exmouth, a rescue helicopter and the South Western Ambulance Service. Writing in a post on Facebook, Exmouth Coastguard said two people ended up in the water while trying to rescue some dogs.

The service said: "Dog(s) in difficulty, member of public went in to assist but got swept out to sea. Second person ended up in the water also. Exmouth ILB proceeded at good speed in difficult conditions."

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The dogs were able to rescue themselves from the water, the coastguard said, as did the humans, though one person had been swept around 400m out to sea. The coastguard added: "By their own admission, had they not been an incredibly strong swimmer and confident in the sea it could easily have been a very different story.

"Please remember most dogs do make it out of their predicament unscathed but if you do witness someone attempt a rescue - call 999 and ask for the Coastguard immediately. It is better to be stood down than arrive when it’s too late. Happy outcome. Thanks to all involved."