Dramatic Sprintcar Crash Sends Crowd Scrambling at Australian Raceway

A December 26 sprintcar race in Victoria was brought to an abrupt end after a crash sent one of the vehicles hurling through the air toward spectators.

Brad McClure was enjoying the A-Main at Avalon Raceway in Lara, a small town southwest of Melbourne, when he witnessed the crash. In this video by McClure, two sprintcars collide and are sent tumbling along the oval track before launching into the air. A third vehicle is also involved.

One of the cars crashes down on a catch fence, sending spectators scrambling. Flames can be seen on the vehicle and nearby grass.

“Thankful both drivers are ok and those in the crowd as well!” McClure wrote of the experience on Facebook.

No injuries were reported. Credit: Brad McClure via Storyful

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