Our Dream Farm winners named new tenants for Northumberland farm on National Trust estate

Adam & Jenny Grieve after they're announced as the new tenants
-Credit: (Image: Big Circus Media)

The new tenants of a farm on a Northumberland National Trust estate have been named after winning an eight-part TV series on Channel 4.

Adam and Jenny Grieve have won a 10-year tenancy on a 340-acre farm on the Wallington Estate after the conclusion of Our Dream Farm with Matt Baker on Sunday evening. Livestock auctioneer Adam entered into the process on his own, as wife Jenny was working and looking after their young family.

However, she joined him for the final, with the couple reacting with disbelief that Adam's business plan had impressed the judges, as had his performance throughout the show, with "no task phasing him". The couple have already started work and have come through their first lambing season; as well as sowing several wildflower meadows, planting almost 5km of hedgerow, and 15km of drainage ditches blocked.

Adam said: "It still feels surreal that we are the successful applicants out of the many who applied. For a long time, we didn't think we would be in this position, as farm tenancies are hard to come by.

"We were delighted to be part of the process and to help promote the challenges new entrants face. We have been busy over the last year getting to know the farm, settling in as a family and increasing our live-stock numbers to a manageable amount.

"We've been working really closely with the National Trust to develop the biodiversity of the farm and hope to be able to successfully implement our business plan over the next 10 years."

Adam Grieve on Our Dream Farm with Matt Baker
-Credit:Big Circus Media

Matt Baker, who presented and produced the programme, said: "I was so pleased for Adam and Jenny and their family that they were the successful ones. As a local family who are well-rooted in the area; from Adam being the chairman of the local young farmers through to him now being the local livestock auctioneer, combined with Jenny's work with schools and young people in the area, they are a perfect fit for the farm.

"I think this series has been a real eye-opener for many viewers into how tenant farming fits into our agricultural processes, and also the fact that there are so many talented and capable applicants usually just for one farm, who are all passionate, looking to join our British farming community. I know that all of the applicants have left the process in a stronger position to help them acquire a tenancy in the future."

Matt Baker shares a toast with Adam and Jenny Grieve
Matt Baker shares a toast with Adam and Jenny Grieve -Credit:Big Circus Media

Adam and Jenny were chosen by Giles Hunt, land and estates director at the National Trust; and Sally Richards, Wallington Estate general manager, with Matt Baker having no say in choosing the winner. Sally and Giles' selection process involved exploring candidates' ideas for the farm, to see if their visions matched the National Trust's, and to get a practical understanding of not only how they would care for the land and nature, but to integrate into the local community.

Giles said: "Throughout the process Adam performed extremely well, with no task phasing him. His passion for farming, the rural community and Northumberland, shone through at every stage.

"It wasn’t all plain sailing for Adam though, he had some sticky moments with this business case, but he learnt from his mistakes, kept calm and focused on persuading us that he and Jenny were the best tenants of the farm, which is exactly what they did. We are all very much looking forward to a long and happy working relationship with the whole family."

The other two finalists were Joseph, a fourth generation farmer on the Wallington estate; and couple Jamie, a farming consultant and his partner Mari, a trainee veterinary nurse.

Following a successful first series, plans are already underway for a second series, which will take place on a National Trust farm in North Wales. Filming is scheduled to take place this coming autumn with the new series hitting screens in 2025.