Drew Barrymore postpones return of talk show

Drew Barrymore has decided to postpone the return of her talk show.

The star sparked outrage after announcing a new series of The Drew Barrymore Show would air this month despite the ongoing writers' strike.

On Sunday, Drew took to Instagram and revealed she had reversed her decision after realising the upset it had caused.

"I have listened to everyone, and I am making the decision to pause the show's premiere until the strike is over," she wrote. "I have no words to express my deepest apologies to anyone I have hurt and, of course, to our incredible team who works on the show and has made it what it is today.

"We really tried to find our way forward. And I truly hope for a resolution for the entire industry very soon."

The Writers Guild of America went on strike in May due to ongoing labour disputes. Many films and TV shows were postponed as a result, but Drew had announced new episodes of her talk show would hit screens in September.

The decision caused uproar across the industry, with members of the WGA picketing the studio during tapings of the show.

Cristina Kinon, the co-head writer of The Drew Barrymore Show, had called on Drew to "stand in solidarity" with the strike and insisted it wasn't "too late" to reverse the decision.

Days before she announced the postponement, Drew posted a lengthy video on Instagram and revealed she felt helpless.

"I know there is just nothing I can do that will make this OK to those that it is not OK with," she said on Friday. "I fully accept that. I just want everyone to know my intentions have never been in a place to upset or hurt anymore. It's not who I am."

The post was later deleted.