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Drew Barrymore's $30 'minimalist, modern and practical' gooseneck kettle looks gorgeous and boils water 'within 3 minutes'

This beautiful, functional kettle rivals pricier brands and has garnered over 500 5-star reviews.

Who doesn't love a gorgeous kitchen essential that also makes your life easier? Add to that an affordable price tag and you have a clear winner. Shoppers say the stunning electric gooseneck kettle from Drew Barrymore's best-selling Beautiful collection checks all the boxes — and it's just $30 at Walmart.

This elegant electric kettle comes in six muted colors and has the capacity to make five cups of tea when full.

$30 at Walmart

It's not often that you find a high-quality gooseneck electric kettle for under $50, much less one for just $30, but somehow, the talk show host and Charlie's Angels star managed to merge style, substance and affordability. With a look just as luxe as high-end gooseneck kettles made by Balmuda and Fellow (but a whopping $119 to $135 cheaper), this best-selling countertop appliance comes in six colors and looks like a work of art for your countertop.

You may be wondering what all the hype is surrounding gooseneck kettles lately. Well, it just so happens that they're much more user-friendly and practical than traditional kettles.

If you've ever poured hot water out of a standard kettle, you know that scalding hot water can sometimes come out with a gush. A gooseneck gives control, precision and power of even distribution to a pour, which is essential when making open-top hot beverages like pour over coffee or loose leaf tea. It’s also nice for hot cocoa where a rapid pour can sometimes send up cocoa dust.

Drew Barrymore Beauty Electric Gooseneck Kettle
It's beautiful, practical and, best of all, affordable! (Walmart)

This kettle from Drew Barrymore's Beautiful collection has a 1-liter capacity (that makes about five cups of tea) and a powerful and super fast boiling system. Made of long-lasting stainless steel with a soft matte finish, it sports a one-touch boil with an indicator light that lets you know when the kettle's getting to work. It also has an auto shut-off function, so when it's done, it turns off on its own so you don't ever have to worry about accidentally causing a fire.

Hundreds of Walmart shoppers can't stop raving about this gooseneck kettle with one five-star reviewer touting it for being "minimalist, modern and practical." The same shopper said what they loved most about it was its "functional design without frills."

"The most beautiful kettle I've ever owned," said one impressed reviewer. "The brand name 'Beautiful' is perfect for this product. It is absolutely pleasing to the eye and I love how the water is hot and ready within three minutes."

"I use it every single day," another shopper added. "It stops as you lift it off to pour or you may let it boil the whole time before pouring." The reviewer added that while she loves this elegant kettle, the only problem she has is that "it's very loud during the [boiling] process," but attributes the noise to the fast heating.

This kettle has an angled, no-spill, easy-pour spout that controls the speed and water flow. That equals a better cup of pour over coffee or loose leaf tea.

$30 at Walmart

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