Drew Carey a Little Late to the Party with ‘La La Land’ Joke on ‘This Week in Game Shows’

On The Price Is Right, Drew Carey’s timing was either way off or absolutely genius. After all the contestants on bidders’ row had given it their best guess, normally Carey would read the correct price of whatever item was being bid on and one lucky contestant would get to go onstage and play a game. But this was no normal day. Over two months after the Best Picture debacle at the Academy Awards on Feb. 26, Carey took us right back to that night.

Photo: Family Feud

“Actual retail price: La La Land. Unbelievable. I’m so excited. Wait, there’s been a mistake,” Carey said.

That’s where the possible genius comes in. Rather than take a shot back when everyone was doing it, Carey brought it back when no one was expecting it.

On Family Feud, Steve Harvey’s hot and he knows it. A contestant was asked to name something a nurse at a hospital might do if they knew Harvey was a patient there. The contestant said she would take his temperature.

“104 at all times. 104 at all times,” Harvey replied. “That’ll kill most people.”

And on Jeopardy, Alex Trebek reminded us of a better time when talking to a teacher about his weekend activities.

“You do something unusual. You do rap karaoke. I got a lot of publicity recently when I rapped on the show, badly,” Trebek said.

For anybody who hasn’t seen Alex Trebek rap on Jeopardy, it’s highly recommended they find it and watch it as soon as possible.

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