Drink-driver who killed 'beautiful' 17-year-old Felicity Pacey in Denton crash jailed for 8 years

Felicity Pacey was just 17 years old when she was killed in a crash in Denton
-Credit: (Image: Family Photo)

A drink-driver has been jailed for eight years and three months after killing a teenage girl in a crash near Grantham in June 2023. Jack Burkhill, 21, was intoxicated when he reached speeds in excess of 100mph in a grey Hyundai shortly before he lost control of the vehicle and caused the death of 17-year-old passenger Felicity Pacey.

Miss Pacey, known as Fliss, of Woolsthorpe by Belvoir, was described as a "beautiful" daughter, granddaughter and sister by her family who said she will be "very greatly missed". Two other people, including Fliss' sister, were in the vehicle at the time of the crash on Belvoir Road, Denton, and they received medical treatment.

Burkhill, of Seventh Avenue, Grantham, was charged with causing death by dangerous driving in February this year and pleaded guilty at Lincoln Crown Court on April 25. He appeared at crown court for sentencing on Friday, May 31, wearing a dark suit as dozens of friends and family members of both parties watched on from the public gallery.

The court was told how Burkhill, who was 20 years old at the time of the crash, was anxious to show off his high-performance vehicle which he had only had for a couple of weeks. Fliss' father, Jonathan, performed CPR on his daughter when he arrived at the scene, which he described as "the worst thing" he'd ever had to do.

Judge Simon Hirst sentenced Burkhill to eight years and three months in prison, with a disqualification from driving of nine years and 45 days. Judge Hirst said: "It is very clear indeed that Fliss was an incredibly loved young woman who had the brightest of bright futures in front of her."

Jack Burkhill was sentenced to eight years and three months in prison
Jack Burkhill was sentenced to eight years and three months in prison -Credit:Lincs Police

Helen Pacey, Fliss' mother, read out a moving witness statement in court. In tears, she described her daughter as "ambitious" and "hard-working", and "so excited to turn 18".

She said: "The last words I said to her were 'have fun' and she said 'we will'. Those words will haunt me to eternity. You killed our precious girl. You ran from the scene like the coward you are and left us to deal with the consequences.

"The pain you have caused is impossible to put into words. I never thought it possible to shed tears every day. Simple tasks like shopping are daunting. When I go alone I scream in the car and my tears are uncontrollable.

"Our lives as we knew it are gone forever and we’ll never be free from the burden of loss or pain."

Jonathan Pacey, Fliss' dad, also read out an emotional statement. He described his daughter as "beautiful inside and out".

He added: "We’d put music on and sing together in the car. The moments like that which I took for granted have all left. I’ll never walk my daughter down the aisle, watch her fall in love or welcome a child into the world. I will never forgive you."

Rhiannah Pacey, Fliss' sister, described her as "my rock, my partner in crime and my closest friend". She said: "The emptiness I feel without her beside me is suffocating."