Drive-Biotic: Teacher Pelted With YOGHURT Thrown From Moving Car

A quiet English town has been rocked to its very foundations after a crochet teacher was pelted with yoghurt in a shocking drive-by attack.

Alison Nurton was opening up for class at her Butterfly Bright shop in Sherbourne, Dorset, when she was hit with the open yoghurt pots that went all over her.

When she turned round to catch a glimpse of her attacker she was astonished to see them driving away in a convertible.

Dairy crime: The yoghurt thrower struck in Dorset (SWNS)

Shaken Alison said: “As I was unlocking the door I heard a loud bang and felt something splatter in front of me.

"I thought it was an egg at first and then I saw the broken yoghurt pot on the floor and realised that I was covered in yoghurt.

"It was all over the door, pavement and wall of the shop entrance as well.

"I turned around to see a convertible car with its roof down disappearing off down Cheap Street.

Dairy delinquent: The attacker struck twice on the same evening (SWNS)

"I wasn’t able to get the registration as I was in such shock.”

It seems the yoghurt attacker wasn’t satisfied with their attack on Alison as they struck again at a the Crown Pub on the same night, just half a mile away.

Alison added: “I just hope someone more frail than me was not left in a worse state than I was after such an unnecessary and childish prank.”

Dorset Police said they were unable to comment on the attacks.

Top pic: Rex

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