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Drive-thru Taco Bell employees refuse to take customer’s abuse in viral TikTok: ‘This honestly makes my heart so happy’

Taco Bell employees held their own against an abusive customer during a late-night order — and TikTok is applauding the way they handled the exchange.

Uploaded by the TikTok account @dallas_texastv — an account dedicated to the goings-on in Dallas, where this particular Taco Bell is located — the video gained a whopping 5.4 million views, 758,000 likes and 17,000 comments, all in just three short days.

While we’ve seen angry drive-thru customers go viral in the past — like the mom whose footage of a “rude” Panera Bread employee totally backfired on her — these Taco Bell employees are reminding customers that they’re humans, too, and worthy of respect.

The footage, captured by someone waiting in line behind the angry customer in question, appears to begin midattack.

“Why don’t you come out with your own eyes and take a f***king look,” the irate man says to the drive-thru speaker.

“She actually is outside. She can see right at you,” the employee responds calmly.

Suddenly, another employee intervenes — still remaining polite but mincing far fewer words than their co-worker. “Sir, common sense would tell you to drive up … but, hey, common sense isn’t that common,” the employee says.

This seems to enrage the customer, who intensifies the exchange by swearing at and insulting the employee. The employee tries to end the attack by yelling out “be blessed,” but the customer continues — until finally, after a slew of curses from the angry man, the video ends.

‘… Customers act like everyone isn’t a human with feelings’

Nearly 18,000 TikTokers rushed to the comment section to applaud the Taco Bell employees — many of whom work, or have worked, in customer service.

“This honestly makes my heart so happy. As a customer service worker – I’m so tired of being disrespected like I’m nothing and having to smile through,” commented @matt.faulk.

“I love this new generation. They dgaf. The older generation thinks they can berate anyone. NOPE NOT TODAY,” wrote @becksflowin7200.

“As a [former] drive thru worker, I’m glad her coworkers stood up for her because some customers act like everyone isn’t a human with feelings,” wrote @jadades.

“i’ve been a drive through worker for 2 years. it’s appalling, how many people treat me like a robot,” commented @punkfr0ggy.

“I’m a manager at Taco Bell and this is every night for me,” shared @kaizo.e.

“Former TB employee here and this was hilarious to watch! Drive thru gets the wildest customers! 😂,” wrote @issa07m.

“We couldn’t do this when I was growing up. I worked customer service 4 years, and let me tell you this made my night. I wish I had the guts to do this,” shared @marthafg34.

“No wonder I get stellar service. I’m always very friendly to employees. I had no idea it was this bad for them. Sorry to see this abuse. 😢,” wrote @willtherebeswans.

“Bro tried to be an a**hole, got the same energy back & then cried that they should get fired☠️,” observed @sean_200023.

Thankfully, these videos serve as a stark reminder of the Golden Rule: Treat others how you yourself would want to be treated — especially when they handle your food.

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