Fifteen Injured, Driver Charged in Atlanta 'Pedal Pub' Crash

The driver of an electronic “pedal pub” bike was charged after a rollover crash injured more than a dozen passengers aboard in Atlanta, Georgia, on Saturday, April 30.

The Atlanta Police Department reported the bike crashed while attempting to make a turn, injuring all 15 riders.

No passengers were seriously hurt, police said.

Bike driver James Anthony Johnson was arrested and charged with a DUI, according to police. The company’s owner, John Rapp IV, was issued a citation for not having a valid sight seeing permit.

This surveillance video and body camera footage shows the crash. Credit: Atlanta Police Department via Storyful

Video transcript


- I know

- And this guy right here can't move.

- 3502 radio.

- We're in the [INAUDIBLE]. I got about 15 passengers, several bleeding. And I got one possibly serious, bleeding from the head.


- Is there anyone else need ice?

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