Driver fined £18,500 for ignoring daily parking tickets outside her home for a YEAR

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A driver from Dundee has been fined a whopping £18,500 after throwing away parking tickets on her car for over a year.

Carly Mackie, 26, ignored fines for parking in front of her family garage almost every day, claiming it's her right to park in front of her own property.

She was handed a formal letter by the Vehicle Control Services Limited demanding she cough up the £18,500 to cover the cost of all of the tickets she has not paid.

Carly, who lives with her parents, has been parking her Mini on cobbles in front of her garage in Dundee for more than a year.

The garage in Dundee where Carly parks car and has received all the charges. (SWNS)
Parking Charge Notices stuck to a window near the entrance to flats near the garages in Dundee where Carly Mackie parks her car (SWNS)

She said she saw the fines as a 'daily annoyance', and claims she has the right to park outside her own home.

‘It's been going on for years now. They seem to be targeting my car,’ she said.

‘I always make a point of parking in front of my own garage, where nobody else could park, and never parking on the double yellow lines on the road.’

The company, meanwhile, say Carly is not entitled to park her car in front of the garage because the site is covered by a contract restricting use of parking in the area to permit holders only, adding that motorists are not allowed to park in the covered passage ways.

A spokesperson said: ‘The terms and conditions are clearly displayed on prominent signs around the site’

The company added that Carly has never contacted the company to appeal the charges. 

Private Property, No Parking sign near the garages in Dundee where Carly Mackie parks her car and has ignored £18,500 worth of parking charges (SWNS)

The spokesperson added: ‘In the absence of any contact from Ms Mackie, coupled with the fact that she continues to contravene the terms and conditions of this site, which we are contractually bound to enforce, we have had no alternative but to initiate Court action.’

The fine is so high because the company incurred costs obtaining Carly's details to pursue the numerous outstanding notices.

Carly said: 'Other cars have parked in the same place I have and have not been issued a ticket.

'They say the route is pedestrian access, but there are old cobbles that wouldn't be suitable for a wheelchair, and just across the road is a smooth path.'

Unimpressed: Carly Mackie, outside her home, disputes the fines. (SWNS)

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