Driver jailed after throwing corrosive substance at two people who came to his aid after he flipped his car

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Frank Graham, 39, attacked two men at the scene of the crash in August last year, Lewes Crown Court Heard.
Frank Graham, 39, attacked two people at the scene of the crash in August last year.

A driver has been jailed after throwing a corrosive substance at two people who came to his aid after he flipped his car.

Frank Graham, 39, attacked the two people at the scene of the crash near Eastbourne, Sussex in August last year, Lewes Crown Court heard.

Witnesses reported seeing a Renault Megane being driven by Graham crash into parked vehicles in Upperton shortly before 9am.

A member of the public then approached the upturned car to see if Graham needed help.

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But Graham told him not to phone the police and attempted to leave the scene.

They tried to stop him leaving while a second passer-by also approached to help.

But Graham then unscrewed the lid of a bottle and threw a liquid over both of them before running the scene.

An off-duty nurse rushed to help the victims by rinsing them with water and providing a change of clothes.

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Neither was left with serious lasting injuries.

Officers carried out an extensive search for Graham during the day and arrested him later that evening.

He was found in possession of cannabis and a search of his home later uncovered cocaine.

A bottle cap recovered from the scene was also forensically linked to Graham.

After a trial in May, he was found not guilty of aggravated vehicle taking, but guilty of two counts of throwing a corrosive fluid with intent to do grievous bodily harm.

He also pleaded guilty to possession of a Class A drug and possession of a Class B drug.

Graham was jailed for six years, with a further two years to be served on extended licence.

DC Fareed Camar, of Eastbourne CID, said: "This was a horrendous crime in which two people who were simply trying to help, were attacked with a corrosive substance.

"Although it is lucky they didn't suffer more serious physical injuries, there will be a lasting emotional impact as a result of what happened.

"Frank Graham didn't care about how much harm he caused, and I am pleased to see the severity of the offence reflected in his sentence."

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