Driver and his mates 'sucking on balloons' stopped on their way to Parklife

A driver and their friends on the way to Parklife were arrested after driving 'high on own supply'
-Credit: (Image: GMP)

A group of festival-goers heading to Parklife were nabbed by traffic officers after being spotted 'high as kites' at the wheel.

Parklife, hailed as the UK's premier city music festival, kicked off at Heaton Park on June 8, showcasing a mix of top and up-and-coming acts. The event, set to continue today, attracts around 80,000 attendees daily. Greater Manchester Police reported that before the festivities began, security personnel at the site apprehended a man acting suspiciously shortly after 3pm on Friday (June 7).

The team confiscated a substantial amount of nitrous oxide, now classified as a class C substance, from him, according to the force. A 34 year old was subsequently arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply. On the morning of Sunday (June 9), GMP Traffic took to social media to announce the arrest of another group en route to Parklife, reports the MEN.

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The individuals, travelling from Bristol, were allegedly seen 'driving all sucking on balloons with NoX [nitrogen oxide]' and appeared 'high as kites'. The social media update stated they were detained on suspicion of possession with intent to supply.

The post detailed: "Driver and mates arrive @Parklifefest after travelling from Bristol, seen driving all sucking on Balloons with NoX, high as kites. Positive Search, All Locked up PWITS class B and C."

Referencing a classic line from the 1983 film 'Scarface' featuring Al Pacino, the post quipped: "We think Gen X dealers need to watch some 80's films - Don't get high on your own supply! ".

Ahead of Parklife Festival's kick-off, GMP shared that they've been in close collaboration with the event organisers, local authorities, and various agencies to 'ensure everyone can enjoy Parklife safely'. The update on the two arrests follows the police's decision to issue a dispersal order for the duration of Parklife Festival until Monday morning.

This dispersal order empowers officers to disperse large groups more effectively and tackle any anti-social behaviour. It will be active around Heaton Park and the neighbouring streets until 4am on Monday, June 10.

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