Drivers of 15 popular cars face £70 fines because cars 'too big' for UK

Cars from a DOZEN popular brands face £70 fines as five parts of England ban motors from car parks for being "too big". Councils in Wokingham, South Hampshire, Broadland and South Norfolk and West Devon have set the limit for car parking spaces at 5m.

According to Autocar, it means a raft of popular models - including Range Rovers, Tesla, Audi, BMW cars - face flouting the rules and being slapped with a £70 PCN. Mark Tisshaw, Editor of Autocar Business, said: "We know that cars are getting longer and wider, typically due to ever-stricter crash and safety legislation they must meet, and these figures show too few councils are adapting to this new reality.

"Space sizes should reflect the UK vehicle parc, so motorists can park without fear of damaging other vehicles or being fined for overstepping a bay. The fact it’s almost impossible to find the parking restrictions online – with drivers often forced to read the small print on physical signage at the location to understand the precise rules – only adds to the difficulties faced by motorists."

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Mike Hawes, chief executive of the manufacturer's industry body the SMMT, told MailOnline : "Modern cars are packed with advanced safety technology that protects passengers and other road users, from airbags to crumple zones, all of which contribute to vehicles being larger than before.

"Cars also increasingly accommodate electric batteries and motors rather than just engines which can affect size and shape. Ultimately, however, it is consumers that influence vehicle design with manufacturers responding to market tastes and preferences and ensuring that all cars – irrespective of size and body type – meet relevant regulations."

Cars now banned include:

  1. BMW X7 - 5.18m

  2. Audi A8 - 5.19m

  3. Lexus LS - 5.22m

  4. Toyota Hilux - 5.325m

  5. Rolls Royce Phanton - 5.76m

  6. Kia EV9 - 5.01m

  7. Volvo EX90 5.03m

  8. Jaguar XJ - 5.13m

  9. Renault Traffic Combi - 5.08m

  10. Porsche Panamera - 5.04m

  11. Range Rover - 5.05m

  12. Lamborghini Urus - 5.11m

  13. Citroen SpaceTourer XL - 5.30m

  14. Nissan NP300 Navara - 5.33m

  15. Ford Ranger - 5.38m