Drivers can claim £5-worth of free fuel at petrol stations including Shell and Tesco from today

Motorists can bag themselves £5 cashback from today when filling up with petrol or diesel. The deal is from TopCashback and is a limited-time offer for new members.

Drivers can claim £5 cashback the next time they top up with a minimum spend of £10. The deal is available at various big-name fuel stations across the UK, including Tesco and Shell.

Customers have to buy £10 or more of fuel, sign up to TopCashback and send a photo of their receipt. Sign up to the service by visiting its website here.

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The offer launched on Friday, June 21 and runs until Saturday, July 27. The timing of the offer coincides with petrol prices finally beginning to reduce at the pumps following an increase in wholesale petrol costs, The Mirror reports.

The average cost of a litre of dropped by 2.4p last month - from 150.31p to 147.88p. This saved UK drivers around £1.30 a tank, with the reduction at supermarkets smaller at just 1.2p - going from 147.31p to 146.15p.

Average diesel prices reduced further by 4.5p - from 158.06p to 153.58p. However, supermarkets cut by less at 3.4p a litre, from 154.93p to 151.49p.

RAC analysis showed Asda had become the UK's most expensive supermarket fuel retailer. Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury's sold a litre of petrol for an average of 2.1p less than Asda at the end of May.

The difference in average diesel prices was higher at 2.5p per litre.