Drivers with dogs in car warned 'it is breaking law' and risk £5,000 fine

Drivers risk being slapped with a hefty £5,000 fine if they break a pet rule this summer. Pet furniture company Lords and Labradors has warned dogs sticking their heads out the window could lead to them getting dust in their eyes.

Johanna Buitelaar-Warden warned: "Now, most dog owners will know how much they enjoy the fresh breeze, new smells and faces as they smile headfirst out of a moving vehicle. However, this goes against the law. Not only are owners neglecting their duty to suitably restrain their dog if they allow it to hang their head out the window, but the potential that dust and debris from the road will blow into your dog's eye, which is a sure way for a trip to the vets."

She added: "Although it's not illegal to leave your dog unattended in a car, any owner is highly advised against doing so. Cars heat up extremely quickly, particularly in the summer months, which can be detrimental for your pet.

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"Ultimately, owners are legally responsible for the welfare or their pet. Therefore, if an owner is found to be neglecting its health, they may be reported and prosecuted against." Responding to the warning, a motorist fumed: "The never ending rules/laws in the U.K. now feels like North Korea. Leave people alone to live their lives without the constant threat of fines and punishment!"

"What will they think of next to cause hassle and inconvenience to us poor motorists. And still no effort to fill the potholes - the reason for charging the road fund tax," a second wrote. "I entirely agree - far too many laws, and then we wonder why the gaols are full," another sniped.

It is also important that a dog is suitably restrained in a vehicle so that it doesn't distract the driver or injure them if the vehicle stops quickly (UK Highway Code). The RSPCA therefore recommends that dogs are both secure and comfortable during transport.