Drivers in England get £100 parking fines despite paying for ticket

Drivers in England are being hit with £100 parking fines - despite paying for a ticket. A driver claims he was slapped with a £100 parking fine despite paying for a permit at a Cornish car park during a holiday in the south west.

Stuart Flynn insists he paid the charge on the app required while visiting a beach in Hayle, Cornwall. He claims he paid for three hours of parking, but was still hit with a penalty charge notice (PCN) over three months later.

Mr Flyn, 55, told Cornwall Live : "It was a struggle to download the app due to poor mobile signal, my partner eventually managed to download [it] and pay. Now 95 days after parking I have been issued with a PCN for £100, saying I have not paid in full.

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"According to the app we stayed for two hours and seven minutes. The PCN says we stayed for two hours and 33 minutes which is still inside the three hours parking for the tariff taken by the app."

The letter accompanying the fine states that it was due to a "failure to pay for parking". Mr Flynn went on: "I cannot see how this is right and these continuing letters of intimidation, when I have paid the full amount, are surely inappropriate.

"UK Car Park Management is surely responsible for ensuring its own systems are calibrated correctly and any electronic payment and digital content is likely to work correctly in the area. I suspect many people have paid in full yet still receive a PCN and just pay to make the intimidation go away but why should they?"

His friend, Mike Stewart, was issued with a penalty charge notice even though he managed to use the app and pay for his stay, too. CPM has been approached for a comment.