Drivers in England given 72-hour warning as expert says 'avoid'

Drivers are being warned to expect more than just your normal bank holiday as sunny weather brings 20 million out in their cars. The RAC and AA have warned that the upcoming bank holiday weekend is likely to be one of the busiest.

They predict a busy bank holiday period - which will stretch out across the half-term to come. Inrix advises motorists to embark on their journey as early or as late in the day as can be managed.

Bob Pishue, transportation analyst at Inrix, believes that “drivers should be prepared for long delays, especially in and around major cities and towards the coasts”. He added: "The best general advice to anyone spending time away from home this weekend is to travel as early or as late in the day as possible to avoid the worst delays."

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Despite unpredictable weather conditions, day trips and home-country getaways are anticipated to increase the vehicle traffic throughout the weekend, resulting in the highest figures for late May since pre-Covid times.

More than half of nation's automobiles will be present on the roads over the long weekend, which is concurrently the commencement of half-term for majority of schools across England and Wales.

Inrix, a transport analytics firm, has forecasted waits exceeding 90 minutes on the M25 clockwise between the intersections of M23 and M1 during late afternoon on Friday.

The company has also warned public about potential delays of an hour along the 45-mile southbound stretch of the M5 from Bristol towards Taunton and the southwest; a frequently visited holiday route.

Alice Simpson, a spokesperson for RAC, commented: "Our research suggests this weekend could be the busiest of the year so far on the roads, with millions of people embarking on getaway trips to make the most of the three days and, for those with school-age children, the start of the half-term holiday."