Drivers face 'pay as you drive' tax and will be given number of 'free miles'

Car tax changes could be launched soon with more support for a 'pay as you drive' charging system. Former Conservative minister John Gummer has suggested that drivers will need to pay to use the roads in the future in a bid to deal with transport emissions.

The former Environment Secretary said: "If there’s one issue that we know is going to happen is there is going to be road pricing so stop making it a terrifying thing and start working out how best to do it. Of course, there is going to be road pricing because there ain’t another way of moving from where we are to where we’ve got to be.

“So don’t refuse to talk about it. It’s like the Victorians refusing to talk about sex but quite a lot was going on.” Dr Douglas Parr's suggested that a "pay as you drive" system would help cut road emissions, adding that the industry would eventually need to have the conversation.

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Lord Deben said: "I think everybody should be paying for the extra weight they put on the system." Professor Jillian Anable, from the University of Leeds’ Institute for Transport Studies, said: "What still isn’t happening and I feel we need to do is to stop denying the real sectors and the real changes that need to be made around road and around air

"The politicians and we cannot put forward suggestions about solutions unless we’re honest about the scale of the problem and that also transfers into discussion around what we’re expecting the public to do." In a pay-per-mile scenario, all drivers would be given a certain amount of "free miles", with people living in rural areas being given more.

Prof Anable went on and said any changes would need to have a profound impact on how people travel.