Drivers given 'final' warning before UK cars being fitted with speed limiters next month

Drivers have been given a "final" warning ahead of cars being fitted with "mandatory" speed limiters. Mandatory speed limiters are part of the General Safety Regulation proposed by the European Commission, approved in 2019 by the European Parliament and all EU member states.

It has been confirmed that the UK will still utilise the technology, despite the birth of the rules being in the European Union, and it's set to come into force in July this year. The limiters will use GPS data and/or traffic sign recognition cameras to determine the speed limit of the road a vehicle is travelling on.

The systems will be required on all new UK cars sold from July 7 2024, with even unsold factory-fresh showroom examples needing to be retrofitted with the technology after that date. Graham Conway, Managing Director at Select Car Leasing has welcomed the new law but warned that it doesn’t mean people should care less about driving responsibly.

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He said: “These new laws are hugely welcome in order to help combat speeding and dangerous driving." ETSC says the limiters will reduce collisions by 30 per cent and save 25,000 lives within 15 years of being introduced.

Mr Conway said: “However, it will take years for these changes to be fully implemented in every vehicle on the road, as it will take a long time for cars purchased now to find their way into the ownership of the mass public, so sensible driving is always encouraged.

“The technology is designed to warn drivers when they are approaching the speed limit. If the driver doesn’t slow down, the speed limiter reduces the engine’s power and the vehicle’s speed, although it’s important to note that the limiters can be manually overridden - which is useful in areas where the technology may not keep up with actual events on the road.”