Drivers hit with £1.3m in speeding fines on Welsh 20mph roads since new limit introduced

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More than 6,000 Welsh drivers were caught speeding in 20mph zones in Wales last month - while the total paid out in fines has now topped £1.28m. Go Safe has published its latest stats on enforcement in 20mph areas.

The new limit came in across the country last September. This sparked the biggest backlash to any legislation introduced in Wales since devolution.

There was a gradual introduction of enforcement in the new 20mph zones - with it stepped up from the middle of March. In April the number of people caught driving on or above the threshold of 26mph on 20mph roads was 742 - with 251 of those offences in North Wales. READ MORE: I drove on 20mph road where motorists keep getting fined - and can see the problem

This then surged to 4,286 in May - with 636 in North Wales. That figure has now rocketed again.

The statistics for June show a total of 6,603 were caught speeding- with 892 of those in North Wales. The top speed recorded in North Wales was 82mph - while the average speed of those pinged was 32.4mph.

In south and mid Wales the top speed recorded was 80mph and the average was 28.1mph.

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Since enforcement started 11,065 fines have been dished out in south and mid Wales. In North Wales the total figure is 1,787.

This gives a Welsh total of 12,852 fines in total since enforcement started. Even if everyone received the minimum fine of £100 then it means drivers have been hit with £1,285,200 in fines since 20mph was introduced. Read more about the collision and injury figures since 20mph was introduced here.

This money goes to the UK Treasury rather Welsh Government who implemented the default 20mph limit.

A review has been launched of the guidelines issued to councils on 'exception' roads. These are roads that can remain 30mph.

It is expected there will be a significant increase in these exception roads once the review has been completed.

Welsh Government's transport minister Ken Skates - who was appointed this April - has admitted the default 20mph has left Wales more divided as he seeks to find a compromise that will improve safety and calm a drivers' rebellion.

He said that whether there would be "radical" change on which roads remain 20mph would depend on the public but he expects a significant reduction in the number of 20mph roads in Wales.

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